What’s New in Tahoma2D

Tahoma2D includes a number of improvements from OpenToonz. It also includes the latest features and bug fixes from OpenToonz.

In this section you can find a list of Highlights in the latest release of Tahoma2D; these may include New Features, Bug Fixes or Enhancements to already existent features. Here, you can also find links to past versions’ Release Notes, to keep track of Tahoma2D development history throughout time.

New in Tahoma2D 1.2


  • new Motion Path Panel


  • new Add Import Preferences option

  • new Add temp tool hold switch time as preference

  • enhancement Update external app handling


  • new Support MOV formats through ffmpeg


  • enhancement Export Scene enhancements


  • new Add Shader Fx: HSL Blend GPU

  • new New Fx : Bloom Iwa Fx (OpenToonz port)

  • new Expression Reference Manager (OpenToonz port)

  • new feat: FxParticles preset simulating the Flock effect (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Motion Blur Fx Iwa - default value change (OpenToonz port)


  • new Convert To Vector : Align Boundary Strokes Direction Option (OpenToonz port)

Lip Sync

  • new Incorporate Rhubarb Lip Sync


  • new New Color Keys Global Palette (OpenToonz port)

Project Management

  • new Restore and update project management

  • new Recent Projects and Default Project Location

  • enhancement Add Recent Projects to Export Scene Popup


  • new Add individual reset room layout options

  • enhancement Replace coded default Studio Ghibli rooms with Tahoma2D rooms

  • new Added Command Bar to 2D room. Added History Room.


  • enhancement Make setting markers easier

  • new Option to show the color of the parent column in the header

  • new Add start Short Play from Live View


  • new Segment Eraser for Smart Raster Levels

  • new Fill with gaps on Smart Raster levels


  • enhancement Modify Output Settings Layout

  • enhancement Statusbar enhancements

  • new Icons for all commands (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Stylesheet Fixes (OpenToonz port)

  • new Add Tooltype Icons (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Display file paths in Scene Cast


  • new Add CrashRpt (Windows only)


  • fix Fix default permissions on tahomastuff

  • fix Fix Crash on Switching Rooms (OpenToonz port)

  • fix Fix motion path issues

  • fix Fix crash on deleting stage schematic node (OpenToonz port)

  • fix Fix macOS crash on startup

  • fix Stop renaming OpenToonz project files

  • Many more…


  • removed Remove Camera Capture Popup Window

  • removed Remove all things Quicktime

  • removed Remove libusb from scripts and fix some name references

  • removed Remove some using declaration of std (OpenToonz port)

  • removed Remove unused directory and some unused files (OpenToonz port)

Please see the v1.2 Release Notes hosted in GitHub, for the full list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Previous Versions

Here you can find links to previous versions’ full Release Notes, hosted in GitHub:

v1.1 Release Notes

v1.0.1 Release Notes

v1.0 Release Notes