What’s New in Tahoma2D

Tahoma2D includes a number of improvements from OpenToonz. It also includes the latest features and bug fixes from OpenToonz.

In this section you can find a list of Highlights in the latest release of Tahoma2D; these may include New Features, Bug Fixes or Enhancements to already existent features. Here, you can also find links to past versions’ Release Notes, to keep track of Tahoma2D development history throughout time.

New in Tahoma2D 1.3


  • new Implicit Frame Hold

  • new Timeline/Xsheet navigation tags

  • new Autorenumber column

  • enhancement Default column names to 1st level name

  • new Cell Mark feature (OpenToonz port)

  • new Xsheet Minimum Layout (OpenToonz port)

  • new Xsheet Zoom Control (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement “Implicit hold” move by Shift+dragging cells (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Modify sync scroll between Xsheet and Function editor panels (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Note level column enhancement (OpenToonz port)

Tools/Tool Options

  • new Add referenced fills

  • new Perspective Grid Tool

  • new Add Raster Lock Alpha tool setting

  • enhancement Paint Brush Tool enhancements

  • enhancement Update MyPaint style usage on various tools

  • new Type Tool for Raster levels

  • new Add polyline point handle Shift/Alt modifiers

  • new Add Flip and Rotate Animate tool option buttons + shortcuts

  • new Add Flip and Rotate Selection tool option buttons

  • enhancement Move savebox fill limit preference to tool option

  • enhancement Switch to Build mode on add skeleton or no skeleton

  • new Add rotate option to geometry tool (OpenToonz port)

Command/Quick Toolbar

  • new Add Auto creation option commands/buttons

  • enhancement Enable single click expansion on Quicktoolbar categories


  • enhancement Change Default Level Type to Raster

  • new Current Column/Cell Indicator color

  • enhancement Allow multiple key stroke shortcuts

  • new Additional Style Sheet (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Raster level frame number format & PNG for new Raster level (OpenToonz port)

  • Project Settings-aware Frame Number Field Width (OpenToonz port)

Stop Motion

  • new Stop Motion Camera Calibration

  • enhancement Stop motion play sound on capture and deciseconds resolution (OpenToonz port)

Style Editor/Palette

  • new Style set management

  • new Hex color names editor (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Enable to Paste Style’s Color Into Color Field (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Enhance Studio Palette Searching (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement RGB sliders behaving like CSP/Krita, Hex editbox and various bugfixes (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Style Editor: Move “toggle orientation” button in the menu (OpenToonz port)


  • Add View Check indicators to Viewer

  • enhancement Add additional zoom levels to the zoom in/out commands.

  • new 30 bit display feature (OpenToonz port)


  • enhancement Allow renaming of revamped Pass Through Fx nodes

  • new Add Fx Global Controls (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Compass Gadget for Radial and Spin Blur Fxs (OpenToonz port)

  • new New Fx : Rainbow Fx Iwa (OpenToonz port)

  • new New Fx: Bokeh Advanced Iwa (and Bokeh Fxs overhaul) (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement raylitfx enahancement: radius parameter and gadget (OpenToonz port)

  • new A new option for the Fractal Noise Fx Iwa : Conical Transform (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Add the Linear color space option to all other Layer Blending Ino fxs (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Bloom Fx Iwa Revised (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Change behavior of the Layer Blending Ino fxs when the background layer does not exist (OpenToonz port)

  • new pnperspectivefx normalize option (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Particles Fx : Use 16bpc Control Image for Gradient (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Redesign the Pass Through Fx Node (OpenToonz port)

  • new Tile Fx Iwa : a new “Image Size” option for the Input Size parameter (OpenToonz port)

  • Update Shader Fx: HSL Blend GPU (OpenToonz port)

File Browser

  • new Add Tahoma2D Stuff and Downloads folder access from Browser

  • enhancement Enable To View Palette Files From the File Browser (OpenToonz port)


  • enhancement Enhance Flipbook playback (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Modify Flipbook Histogram (OpenToonz port)


  • enhancement Enhanced WAV support

  • enhancement Changed default sound column volume to 100%.

  • enhancement Improvements to Audio Recording (OpenToonz port)


  • new Export Xsheet to PDF (OpenToonz port)

  • new TVPaint JSON export (Experimental feature) (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement FFMPEG GIF Export enhancements (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Modify Export Xsheet PDF feature (OpenToonz port)


  • enhancement Change Level Editor background for Vector levels

  • enhancement Change UI highlight color

  • enhancement Changed Style edit tab order

  • enhancement Mypaint icon display improvement

  • enhancement Stop motion room changes

  • enhancement Tahoma branding design update

  • enhancement Update labels to Guided Tweening


  • new Update ffmpeg to v5.0

  • new Add FreeBSD support (OpenToonz port)

  • new Auto Cleaning Assets Feature (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Enable to Cleanup Without Line Processing (OpenToonz port)

  • new File Path Processing Using Regular Expression (OpenToonz port)

  • new Multi-Thread FFMPEG and responsive finalizing window (OpenToonz port)

  • enhancement Improve Tablet Response (Windows Only) (OpenToonz port)


  • fix Fix crash adding Fx while on Camera column

  • fix Fix loading plugins on Linux

  • fix Fix loading scenes from Story Planner

  • fix Fix macOS shortcut display

  • fix Fix Normal-Selective-Area fills filling partially painted objects incorrectly

  • fix Fix reloading stop motion scene crashing application

  • Many more…

Please see the v1.3 Release Notes hosted in GitHub, for the full list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

New in Tahoma2D 1.3.1


  • fix Fix software version check

  • fix Fix Canon Import Image crash

  • fix Fix parent column indicators

  • fix Update thirdparty library binaries
    • Includes updating libtiff to v4.2.0 to address security vulnerabilities

  • fix Fix pen issues
    • Fixes Drawing delay on vector and smart raster levels (Linux issue)

    • Pen doesn’t work in Schematic Viewer. (macOS/Linux issue)

  • fix Fix Implicit Hold issues

  • fix Fix Autofill toggle command crash

  • fix Fix Linux plastic tool crash

  • fix Fix MeshImage compression crash

  • Many more…

Please see the v1.3.1 Release Notes hosted in GitHub, for the full list of bug fixes.

Previous Versions

Here you can find links to previous versions’ full Release Notes, hosted in GitHub:

v1.2 Release Notes

v1.1 Release Notes

v1.0.1 Release Notes

v1.0 Release Notes